IM types

Certified in accordance with the IEC 61914 international standard

Dutchclamp® Unifix IM blocks have been specially developed for the short circuit proof mounting of cables with a diameter of between 12 mm and 32 mm (Unifix IM 12-32) or cables with a diameter of between 32 mm and 48 mm (Unifix IM 32-48). You can mount 4 cables next to each other using two blocks. Stack 3 blocks for 8 cables, 4 blocks for 12 cables and 5 blocks for 16 cables. The blocks may also be linked horizontally using the handy dovetail joint connection.

Dutchclamp® Unifix IM blocks are unique. The cable surfaces provide perfect pressure distribution and maximum grip and don't have any sharp edges. In this way, there is no point load on the cables and the cables are not damaged.

Dutchclamp® Unifix IM blocks are manufactured using the highest quality glass fibre reinforced polyamide, which means they are ideal for use in installations where high short circuit forces may be released. The cable blocks have an exceptionally high mechanical strength of 69,500 N. The diameter of the mounting holes is 13.2mm. This means it is easy to extend the stud bolts using stud bolt sockets.

The unique raw material used to manufacture the cable blocks means they are resistant to corrosion, ozone, frost, heat, oil, acids, salts, aggressive substances, UV and nuclear radiation. There is no reduction in force with temperatures ranging between -40° C and + 125˚C. (momentarily to 225˚C).

Dutchclamp® Unifix IM blocks have been tested by UL (The Underwriters Laboratories U.S.A), Schneider and SGS Brussels in accordance with international safety standard IEC 61914.

Dutchclamp® Unifix IM blocks are used globally and large stocks are available. They can also be supplied with appropriate fastening material.