Cable clamp Triple 118 - 150

Item code: 25006


For the mounting of three low, medium or high voltage cables in a triangular (trefoil) formation.
The Dutchclamp Triple 118-150 is designed for 3 cables with outer diameters between Ø 118 mm and 150 mm.

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  • Manufactured from polyamide (PA), glass fibre reinforced.
  • Resistant to oils, UV, ozone, salt, moisture, acids and even nuclear radiation.
  • UL94 self-extinguishing, Halogen-free.
  • Temperature range from -40°C to 120°C.
  • An extra mounting hole has been added to the bottom part so that you can mount it using a stud bolt or regular bolt.
  • Stackable.
  • Mechanical resistance to short-circuits 27.500 N.
  • Coloured black.
  • Available pre-mounted.
  • Tailor-made fastening material is also available.


Dutchclamp Triple cable clamps (cable cleats) have been tested by UL (the underwriters laboratories U.S.A.), Voltalab in Grenoble (Schneider), the Prof. Ir. Damstra laboratory (Eaton) and SGS Brussels amongst others in accordance with international safety standard IEC 61914.

Dimensioned sketch

Type Triple 118 - 150
Cable ø 3 x 118 - 150
A 400
B 110
C 340
D 15
E 211 - 310
F 37
G 110
H 75
* Dimensions in mm